The W+K Book
I've been lucky enough to do a lot of work for the Wieden+Kennedy brand itself. This has included everything from writing Dan Wieden and David Kennedy's biographies to rewriting our company pitch to clients, to crafting our annual agency of the year submission.

But the best assignment I've gotten, quite possibly will ever get, was traveling to all 7 offices to create the agency's first book promoting the global network.

The goal was to create something that would make companies want to work with us, prospective employees want to work for us, and the press want to write about us. I spent 5 weeks on the road and the better part of a year working with designer Christin Spagnoli to create this book.

It covers our work, our approach to working, and touches on our culture. Since interactive was and is all the rage these days, the book included a smaller book within a book, stickers, an iron-on, a postcard to send back, and a data stick tucked into the back cover that includes an agency brand video, a widget you can download to follow our blogs, and a link to a website with more work from each office.

Dan didn't see it until we had a rough draft. Fortunately, he loved it and asked enough copies be printed so every employee in the network received one copy.