I cut my advertising teeth on Starbucks. It was a good lesson in how most of your best work will never see the light of day. But here are a few of my favorites that did, and one that should have.

It's Red Again

Every holidays Starbucks serves their coffee in red cups. For awhile there the annual site they created to help spread cheer was their biggest advertising initiatives. I created the Tradition Keeper for an internal video and soon became the host of the holiday website.

Adorned in a red tuxedo I walked users through the site and invited them to submit a family holiday tradition. Each week I reenacted one family holiday tradition, playing all the parts. So if nothing else I’m pretty sure I introduced drag to Starbucks marketing.

Starbucks Salon

A few years back Starbucks created a Salon in SoHo for 10 days during fashion week. They curated readings, performances and concerts in the space. We built a site to promote the event where people could draw their own portrait in the style of the campaign, which were printed out and put on the wall of the space so even folks in miles away could "attend." We also created posters and print to promote the event.


Starbucks came to the agency with a great brief. Use their thousands of stores to help create conversation in an increasingly polarized America.

The idea was to have people express not so much their political views as their thoughts, dreams and personal philosophy to spur more meaningful dialogue in and out of stores and online.

Below is an example of the print. Click the Discuss link above to see some of the spots on Jed Alger's site, a good friend and one of my creative directors on the project.