My good friend Bill Bailey and I have written several screenplays together. Enough to earn us an agent, manager and lawyer and work writing for TV. Alas, these scripts remain scripts. Feel free to make us an offer in the high five to low six figure ballpark sight unseen or email me if you'd like to read them.

Autographs tells the story of a pair of sports memorabilia dealers who get run out of Portland and end up on the hunt to catch the single season home run record-breaking baseball. Bill and I always imagined ourselves in the starring role as it's based on a short film short we made together. But we'd be happy to cede our roles to the Farrel's or the Wilson's or the Rogan's of the world.

Lay is Out is about the competitive world of college intramural Ultimate Frisbee. It's kind of a Bad News Bears meets Squid and the Whale kind of story.

Everything I know about women I learned from Chip Bowman was originally titled Wingman which we probably should have stuck with because you kind of get the entire movie from the title which seems to be the Modus Operandi for Hollywood comedies these days but then we heard another film with the same name was going to get made with Christopher Walken no less, so we changed the name but then that other movie never actually got made. So clearly there is a hole in the universe which this script could fill.