I love Portland. I've lived here since 1995, when it felt a more like a small sleepy town. But I'd argue it's evolved more than changed. It's still a great place to live and be creative, there are just a few hundred better places to eat now. And though it's gotten more expensive, it's still the cheapest city on the West Coast.

One of the things I hope Portland never loses is it's love for old stuff. Portland embraces it's history and tends to recycle things, buildings and even ideas versus beginning anew.

So it's not surprising that slowly but surely Portland has become one of the global leaders in sustainability. And yet Portland still isn't very good about tooting it's own horn. There's an ah shucks vibe here that though charming, often prevents us from getting the attention and credit our city deserves.

So I was particularly pleased when I was asked to write and voice this video to help brand Portland as the place others cities should visit, study and hire firms from to become green. The video, funded by the Portland Office of Sustainability, is being used by the Mayor on trips abroad and recently screened at the UN Convention on Climate Change in Durban.

Portland: We Build Green Cities from We Build Green Cities on Vimeo.