I moved to Portland in 1995 right after college. My wife and I left once, for two years, fully planning on returning but needing to be reminded why we loved it here so much. Two years living in Los Angeles did the trick.

I love Oregon. So working on the state tourism account is a dream job.

For the last few years I've had the pleasure of coming up with ways to promote the state. That's meant everything from engaging food bloggers from around the country, to creating online campaigns to branding events and sustainable initiatives to giving regions of the state their own campaigns that work with the larger Oregon voice and look.

We also produce a handful of TV commercials every six months. Here are of the few of our most recent. My partner Chris and I are always sure to score them with Oregon bands like The Thermals, The Shaky Hands, Starf*cker, and Sally Ford and the Sound Outside.