My Story
You know those Family Circle cartoons where the kids run all over the neighborhood instead of just going across the street? My journey has been a little bit like that.

I was asked by Creative Mornings here in Portland to speak, and I cover that journey pretty well. I also talk a little bit about Wieden+Kenendy and WK12, and then end by posing a problem to the smart folks who come to events like Creative Mornings. It goes something like this.

Being an artist has always been hard. The internet has made it harder. People now regularly steal slash share the music, movies and books we once bought. I posed this problem to the audience, then offered my own solution. A contract to support Portland arts and artists that I asked audience members to sign. Anyone who wanted to ask a question had to sign it.

Video below, contract below it, designed by the talented Bethany Ng. And if you're short on time here's a 6 minute Pecha Kucha version of the talk I gave more recently at Oregon Arts Summit.

Portland/CreativeMornings - Andrew Dickson from CreativeMornings/Portland on Vimeo.