Life Coach
This fall I premiered a new performance at the PICA TBA festival.

Over the two weekends of the festivals, I offered 8 public coaching sessions. After a 15 minute monologue where I explained the philosophy of coaching, and asked audience members to consider and share why there were there, I brought a preselected member of the audience on stage for a coaching session.

Ultimately, I felt the performances or sessions, or whatever the hell they were, worked. Here's a review from the Portland Mercury that describes one of the shows.

I'm hoping to stage the show in a few other cities in 2013. If you're a curator, I'd love to talk. If you need help, I am doing the occasional private session.

You can also can reach out to me for advice (which is very different from life coaching) on subjects like career, artistic pursuits, personal projects and big life decisions through Urban Honking's new advice column.