Andrew Dickson
I’m an advertiser, artist, actor and auctioneer.

I spent the last 8 years working at Wieden+Kennedy as a copywriter coming up with campaigns for clients like Old Spice, Starbucks, Target, Coke, and my favorite, Travel Oregon. I was also lucky enough to be one the directors of WK12 for 3 years, (the in-house experimental ad school where students learn advertising by creating real ads for local low-bono clients like the Oregon Zoo, The Northwest Film Center, and the Portland Children's Museum).

I'm also the host of the Moth StorySLAM here in Portland, and perform every month as part of the Entertainment for People New Shit Show at Disjecta. I also do a bit of teaching over at Portland State. In another life I was a world touring performance artist, filmmaker, and eBay PowerSeller.

I'm always on the look out for work as a freelance copywriter, auctioneer, voice-over and acting work, lecturing, teaching or whatever else you might have up your sleeve that you need some Andrew Dickson for.

I'm fast, smart, organized, fun to be around, super positive and finish on time if not before. Just don't ask me to dog sit. Babysit, sure. But I live on a corner lot, that's 150 feet of other people's dogs to clean up after. And I'm sick of it.

Get in touch at andrewcarydickson at gmail dot com

Photo: Chris Hornbecker