I started acting by accident. I saw myself as a behind the camera talent, until while working my way up from coffee gopher to set furniture mover someone asked me to be in front of it.

My first gig was dressing up in a grape suit and walking around downtown Portland with two cameras in tow asking people if they would buy Fruit of the Loom underwear on the Internet. It paid better, was easier and more fun then moving set furniture. So I kept doing it.

Since then I've had a few acting gigs a year. I've appeared in my own films, my friends films and the occasional music video, commercial and informercial. I've also started to do quite a bit of voice-over work.

Most recently, I've appeared in a handful of Portland indie features––Matt McCormick's Some Days are Better than Others, Chel White's Bucksville, and Neal Corl's Dangerous Writing.

I am represented for voice-over by Ryan Artists and am a member in good standing with the Screen Actor's Guild.

MusicfestNW 2011 Commercial from MusicfestNW on Vimeo.